Sneaker Talk: Nike Air Yeezy 2

by on July 2, 2012

This post is inspired by the recent rap lyrics of Kanye West on his new song ” New God Flow“. In this song, he goes on to say “…But these Yeezy‘s jumped over the Jumpman,” and although this statement may seem a little absurd, I’m going to take the time out to examine this argument for you all. 

Surely Kanye West has created two of the best sneakers of all-time with the first Yeezy‘s and now the second ones. However he only has two sneakers under his belt compared to the gazillions that Michael Jordan has released. Honestly, although both Yeezy‘s are two of the  most unique sneaker of all-time, there is no way that Kanye can make a statement of such magnitude when Michael Jordan‘s legacy stands as it does.

The legend of Jordan‘s sneakers is so significant that it enables Michael and Nike to release the same sneakers over and over again, while still making enormous profits. Of course Kanye will probably release another potent Yeezy, there is no way that he has attained Michael Jordan status yet.

We would say that probably this year alone, his Yeezy release was and will be better than any Jordan release this year. But once again, Michael Jordan is Floyd Mayweather, as he has never lost a fight when it comes to his Jordan brand. The Jordan brand itself is global and has established longevity. It is also more than just a sneaker for most people as so many grew up on Jordan, watching him play basketball, wanting to be just ‘like Mike.’ So with that being said, I must disagree with Kanye on this one. I’m not taking away from the sneaker, but not many sneakers can touch the  prominence of Jordans.