Sneaker Watch: Reebok Question

by on July 2, 2012

As of late, Allen Iverson has been seen wearing and promoting the ReebokQuestion‘ as they are set to release in due time. Could AI be the ” Answer ” for these sneakers? This will be revealed to us in time but for now it’s surely a step in the right direction. Their marketing efforts have been noted though as Allen Iverson has been seen in Swizz Beatz‘s new video featuring A$AP Rocky sporting the sneakers.

As well as another occasion when Allen¬†attended Game 6 of the Sixers-Celtics series wearing them. They are attempting to bring the sneakers back to life and Allen Iverson has been the perfect poster boy. Reebok as a whole, has been trying to revamp the entire brand with the help of hip-hop superstars such as Rick Ross and Tyga. Where do you see the brand going and what do you think will come of the Question‘s release?