Nike’s Most Anticipated Sneakers

by on July 5, 2012

Here’s a list of the most anticipated sneakers for the rest of the year. Many have them on their radar for purchase and will be plotting relentlessly to make sure they get their hands on them. First on the list is the Nike Lebron 9 ‘MVP’.

Probably one of the best color-ways to be created for the Nike Lebron 9, they were made to honor Lebron‘s 2011-2012 MVP award. Being dominated by white and red, the yellow adds to the very fiery outlook of the shoe which is a true embodiment of Lebron’s play throughout the season and the playoffs. The speckle design at the base is genius as it has worked with many pairs before, and the transitioning from the black fading into the red is a job well done. These should be on your wish list for whenever they do drop. Stay tuned with us for information on release dates.

Next up we have the newest installment from Penny Hardaway, the Nike Air Penny V. Although the design might seem a little unorthodox, it is easily one of the most well constructed sneakers of this year. From the icy bottom of the shoe, to the suede material used for the base, this shoe packs a punch. The Miami Dolphin color-way never fails neither as it is hard to combine these colors and not have success in a sneaker. Nike finds the perfect blend of the orange and green for this shoe as it makes for a beautiful sneaker.

Last but not least we have the Olympic Air Jordan 7. One of the most anticipated Jordan releases of the year and it doesn’t fall short of the hype. ¬†Dawned by Jordan during the magical run of the Dream Team, this shoe holds a great deal of significance. Although the color way is somewhat simple, its patriotism is one to die for. With this shoe you can’t go wrong at all, so make sure to get your hands on these classic Jordan‘s. Also remember to wear them while you watch the Olympics this summer. Go TEAM USA.