What’s The Point of Wearing Two Different Sneakers at the Same Time?

by on July 5, 2012

One thing that qw have noticed lately is the use of two different shoes simultaneously. Although some may say that this way of wearing sneakers may be clever or out of the norm, we honestly dislike it. Most of the times people actually choose to do this, is when they want to showcase two sneakers that are in high demand or are considered “heat”; as seen above in the picture.

We are against this entire concept, as it not only takes away from the sneaker but it illustrates to the public and your peers that you’re probably cocky. It is also difficult to wear them with an outfit that would adhere to both color-ways.  We think people should be banned from even thinking about doing this, we get that you’re trying to be creative and you want to have fun, but one must remember at the end of the day when you buy sneakers they come with two shoes and not one.