Video Appreciation: Wale – Chillin’

by on July 11, 2012

Although this may be a throwback, it was Wale‘s first major hit aside from ‘Nike Boots.’ With the help of Lady Gaga, he was able to make a very solid first single debut. Surely Wale didn’t forget his roots as he made DC a big component of this video, and from the beginning he was stunting in some premium threads.

Seen throughout the video in BBC, Gucci, Bape and Jordans, Wale made it clear that he was probably going to be not only one of the best new rappers out, but one of the most stylish and versatile at that. With me being a huge fan of Wale for some time, it was a pleasure to see his showcase of both arsenals of lyrics and fashion. Although this video came out a few years ago, Wale has most definitely worked his way up the food chain of hip hop, and his sneaker and clothing games have blossomed even more and more. Salute to the DC ambassador.