Is the Swag Right? Varsity Jackets in 2012/2013

by on July 12, 2012

Varsity jackets were EVERYWHERE (including my closet) in the 2011 fall/winter season, creating a kind of uniform for young people in the streets of NYC. 

The trend infiltrated the fashion market so heavily that retailers like Forever 21 began making affordable versions for both guys and girls. Whether they were being bought from Supreme (like the ones in the photo above – you’ve seen the red one on Drake in the ‘4 My Town’ video released in early 2010), 10 Deep, Mishka, or anywhere else, the letterman trend mobbed the streets of SoHo and became arguably the most popular look during the cooler months.

Tyga’s Custom Last Kings Varsity Jacket and custom Reebok’s.

Arguably the most hyped varsity jacket of the season was Drake’s OVO x Roots collaboration. The color ways – all black, red/white, red/red – came in limited quantities and were sold exclusively at Toronto’s Nomad boutique & NYC’s Nepenthes. Needless to say, people were willing to pay the cool $500 to get their hands on one for themselves – I don’t blame them! I saw the all black version in person and had to hold myself back from offering to buy it off the guy wearing it.

Drake in the all black OVO x Roots Varsity Jacket.

I purchased the TNA ‘Spee’ Jacket  from Artizia in early 2012 and plan on bringing it back out this fall, as it added a little bit of boyish style to my usual looks.

Do you think you’ll be bringing your varsity jackets back out this year? Or should the trend just be retired?