Is The Swag Right: Lil Wayne’s Truk Fit

by on July 15, 2012

First off knowing Lil Wayne’s financial situation and resources I was disappointed by this brand. It looks like someone decided to resurrect the same avatars that were used prominently in the Myspace era when Pharrell was seen as a character with nothing but BAPE or BBC on. 

The clothing line is surely not the best but with certain modifications it can change for the better. I think Wayne may have seen it as being a very attractive business venture because of his new fond love for skateboarding and his global superstar reach but no it isn’t. I haven’t seen one design that has been even mediocre at best. Baby’s son should just stick to rapping and collecting checks from Drake and Nicki. I know too much ain’t enough money but that doesn’t mean you try at anything just to accumulate dinero. I don’t like … Don’t like …