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Video Appreciation: Reese – Molly

by on July 15, 2012

My brother put me on to this, and he surely didn’t disappoint with this one at all. This video and this newcomer Reese (whom i have never heard of before) has way too much swag; even his crew is putting on too. It didn’t hurt that the song goes hard too, I’m sure he will be getting noticed for this video, and I will be anticipating his mixtape. There aren’t a lot of rappers that can dress well but I can tell from this video that he is one of the Mr. Miyagi’s in the game when it comes to fashion. Gold watches, Chanel boots, whip game proper and a bad shorty are all the right ingredients for a swaggin’ video.


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    Honestly, If I didn’t read the description before the vid, I would not have watched the whole thing. If I heard this song on my own I probably would not have liked it. This isn’t my Favorite type of music, but then again I don’t really know what is right now, but I’d rock out to it if i heard it again. Talk about the power of suggestion.