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The Misconception Of A Supreme Hat

by on July 17, 2012

Now most of us know what Supreme is – it’s one of the most sought out brands that embraces the skater culture with vivid designs and some of the best collaborations of recent time. With me being a fan of Supreme for so long, I have picked up on a few things and one of them I would like to share with you. One of the biggest mistaken beliefs of Supreme is that by wearing one of their hats, you can up your swag to the next echelon when you really can’t. Supreme hats and garments have gone from being exclusive to somewhat mainstream and although the creator of the brand has no problem with this, it takes away from the authenticity of the brand for the consumers. A Supreme hat can’t make your outfit, it should just compliment it. One of the worst things that I hate to see is a female just throwing on a Supreme hat. For some reason they believe that it may make them undeniably cool and spectacularly stylish. On the other hand, some people just wear them because of the red signature banner with the name on it. Recently I saw someone wearing a Supreme hat with their nurse uniform, I mean do I have to say anymore … Sound off people.

  • Paul

    Ok this supreme movement has got to calm down. I as a girl wear supreme hats daily in my uniform going home from work and have worn many styles of supreme hats and always wear it everyday. Now I don’t “skate” and may I note the great James jebbia also does not skate. So what does this all mean? Now I can def spot a chic who has no effortless style trying o rock one to get attention from peeps but when I wear my hats I can’t live without them.