Video Appreciation: ‘National Anthem’

by on July 17, 2012

Lana Del Rey & A$AP Rocky are at either end of the music spectrum, but look absolutely adorable together in LDR’s latest music vid, “National Anthem.”

The grainy, Instagram-y editing adds to this mini motion picture, which details the personal life of Jackie O (Lana) and JFK (A$AP Rocky). I love the chemistry between these two – so much that I secretly wish they were together instead of Iggy & A$AP.¬†Although he seems like quite a random choice for the role, A$AP Rocky has the swagger of a modern day JFK and pulls off the part perfectly. Lana shows a sweet happiness that we don’t see in her other videos, and there’s no denying that the chic vintage fashions fit her to a T. On an unrelated note, I wish my hair could be that fierce.