Is the Swag Right: Rompers

by on July 18, 2012

With summer weather in full effect, girls everywhere are proudly sporting their rompers out and about, thinking they look cute. Are they right? Or can I finally throw this trend in the trash?

Rompers are an accident waiting to happen as far as I’m concerned. And by accident, I mean two things: (1) I always accidentally buy one thinking it’s a dress, and (2) at 5’11”, it’s difficult for me to not look like I’m trying to expose myself when wearing one. The trend suits a girl that’s 5’5″ and under with a short torso. Even then, I find them to be unflattering in many ways – they tend to make even a nice body look boxy, losing any sense of shape someone might have. I’m kind of ready to slap the next girl that I see wearing the strapless romper + big earrings + bun-on-top-of-your-head + bold lipstick + gold sandals combination – yeah, you know who I’m talking about. You see this girl everywhere! Why? Because for some reason, a lot of girls think this look is cute and the perfect summer outfit.

Whatever happened to dresses? Or shorts? Call me crazy, but I’m just not feeling this romper trend anymore. Correct me if I’m wrong – let me know your opinion in the comments section.