Swag Talk: 10.Deep Wishlist

by on July 18, 2012

So by now you should probably know that I’m a huge fan when it comes to 10.Deep,  they are actually my favorite brand. With summer kicking into full gear by now, there have been a few items on my mind that I need to purchase and I decided to share with you all.

First off we have the Capcom Tee which would definitely make me feel like Ryu from Street Fighter, as it has the white in there, the red from his headband and the blue to me would represent his hadouken. Although this design is rather simple, it surely gets the job done.

Next up is the Ground Troops button-down which I am in love with because of the cheetah print design mainly. I also have a strong appreciation for the whole concept of combining wild life with business life somewhat, as the cheetah design is intefused into a button-down. This shirt is all the way turnt up.

And last but not least we have the Bushmaster Tee in Leopard Khaki. Yea, yea, yea I know I am obsessed with the whole leopard design phenomenon but I have the original Bushmaster Tee from last year which also featured a leopard design in a different color so it’s only right that this time I purchase his little brother also.

I hope you enjoyed these items that I have shared with you, and make sure to head on over to 10deep.com to get your some gear for this summer and once the weather starts changing, be on the lookout for their Fall line.