Chris Brown’s ‘Mechanical Dummy’

by on July 19, 2012

He’s been teasing his Twitter & Instagram followers (myself included) with pictures of upcoming Mechanical Dummy merchandise. From the looks of it thus far, I’m interested in seeing more of the new collection.

If you know anything about C. Breezy, you know he’s constantly reinventing himself. Whether its a change in the way he dresses, bleached-blonde hairdo, new tattoos, or a new music sound, the R&B superstar keeps us on our toes. I really don’t care if he has a penchant for arguments or if he takes to Twitter to go off on someone & then deletes all the evidence (can’t help but lol at that one),  I can appreciate Breezy for his unmatched talent and the fact that he’s challenging himself creatively- he’s no longer just a singer/rapper/dancer, he’s becoming a quadruple threat since launching ‘Mechanical Dummy.’

So far, Mechanical Dummy sells men’s & women’s ‘MD’ logo tees, along with strange looking figurines (a la kidrobot) and chains featuring the same odd astronauts. Here are a few teaser pictures he’s been releasing of upcoming inventory:

A few of Chris Brown’s Instagram pictures with upcoming Mechanical Dummy inventory.

There are lots of pyramid images/references, so you know there’s going to be all of those Illuminati concerns popping up (as always). I like the concept though, it seems a bit more creative than some other celebrity-driven fashion ventures. Team Breezy will scoop this up without hesitation.

What do you think of Mechanical Dummy? Does it have the potential to be the next Billionaire Boys Club, or is this looking more like Weezy’s Trukfit?