Swag Talk: Brian Pumper

by on July 21, 2012

Maybe I should have called this one ” No Swag Talk” because when speaking about this certain individual, I don’t think swag can be used in a good way at all. I mean we all have heard of Brian Pumper either from adult activities or him being on Worldstar acting a fool. A few things that I have noticed are his oversized tshirts, his Timberlands and his fake jewels that he denies being fake. I mean come on Brian Pumper is a clown, he’s a pornstar who’s trying to be a rapper and he isn’t good at that craft, not even a little bit. Have you ever seen his ridiculous dance too? This dude really feels himself for him to be acting like he runs the world. I guess you can say he’s pure entertainment because I surely get laughs out of his webisodes. Let me know what you think about dude.