If I Had One Wish

by on July 22, 2012

I wish the Hermès x Vans collaboration would have been on a bigger scale.

I’m a sucker for high street/common brand designer collaborations. When the Versace x H&M, Missoni x Target, etc big-name collections launched, I ran to see if there was anything worth getting my hands on – or in other words, tried to get everything amazing in sight before the next fashionista next to me did. Now stop and imagine how amazing a widely-sold Hermès x Vans collection would have been – the meeting of the two star-crossed, polar opposite brands would have been better than witnessing a solar eclipse, in my opinion.

A few of the pairs of Hermès x Vans made for Verdi.

Although Hermès is now most recognizable by their signature ‘H’ belts (thanks to Fabolous and other rappers), the fashion house is equally known for their exquisitely detailed silk scarves. Fashionisto Robert Verdi, a “self-made fashion machine, celebrity stylist, and tastemaker” according to his Twitter, put a request in to Hermès that several pairs of Vans be made from vintage scarves he had. The fashion house obliged, and the photo above show the a few pairs of the end result. Verdi is definitely lucky to have these in his collection, let alone get a ‘yes’ from an esteemed brand like Hermès to such an odd request.

Can you not see these shoes on basically all of Young Money? Making their way to MMG, maybe even Pharrell? Let alone, on your feet? All I know is that these have crazy swag and would be an outfit – if not a wardrobe – maker.