Video Appreciation: Lil Reese & Chief Keef – Traffic

by on July 22, 2012

Now although this may not seem very much related to “swag”, it in a lot of senses is. Excuse the goons and all the thug-like activities that transpire periodically throughout the video, but I really enjoyed this one. Why? Well you have two young adults from Chicago who are just pretty much having fun, riding around in a brand new Jaguar which looks immaculate by the way and also showing their city love to the fullest. You got a few hood chicks doing their thing, designer belts being worn and even a cameo from the legend himself TWISTA. I mean come on, you got to give it to these young cats because they’re really just stunting and having too much fun doing so. Their swags in this video was ferocious although normally you catch them in Gucci, Fendi and brands of that sort.  GBE got Chicago on look right now. I hope you enjoy this one.