The Evolution Of Camping for Sneakers

by on July 23, 2012

Over the years, we have seen camping as one of the key essentials for a sneakerhead to attain an exclusive sneaker or a pair of the more sought after sneakers. Recently there have been many changes in the sneaker game itself and because of these, camping has been affected greatly -they are becoming a thing of the past. Nike for one is trying to get rid of them as a whole as they cause too many problems. Chaos and pandemonium are normally linked to campouts for sneakers that everyone wants. It even gets to the point sometimes that a situation can escalate to the level where people get hurt, a prime example being when a kid was killed last year over some Jordan’s.¬†Clearly taking notice of this, Nike has made changes in attempt to prevent any of this from happening. This year we have seen a new technique of Twitter RSVP’ing being used for many sneakers. Although this has worked to some extent, some people even claim that some RSVPs might just be rigged or that they aren’t handled in the right manner. It’s only a matter of time that Nike makes Twitter RSVP their go-to for major releases. The question I have for y’all now is, do you prefer cyber camping or the original camping?