Swag Talk: Essentials For A Man’s Wardrobe

by on July 23, 2012

As men we must be able to pull off many different looks, this is just a list of a few items Ashley and I believe should be in any man’s wardrobe. 

1. The button down: One thing for sure, every man should have a collection of Ralph Lauren Rugby Oxfords in their closet. It doesn’t have to be an extensive selection, but make sure you have some of the better colors at your disposal for any occasion where you must clean up a bit with a nice look.

2. Good jeans: Next up we go to the denim side of your wardrobe, and my pick for this is having one or two pairs of A.P.C. Raw Denim. Not only is the quality great, but the fit of the jeans is spectacular. I have been a fan of them for over four years now and I have a few pairs myself. The great thing about these jeans is that when you wear them out after a year or two, and wash them periodically it basically turns into a different jean – they becomes really faded with a rugged look to them.

3. Go-to sneakers: A great suggestion for footwear would be a pair of Nike Free Run 3’s. Not only are they very light, but they’re one of the most comfortable sneakers ever and ridiculously flexible. It doesn’t hurt that they come in so many colors so you can go for a quiet color or a very vibrant one.

4. Nice frames, if you need them: the upside of having impaired vision is clear – you get to wear cool glasses. From a woman’s perspective, glasses make you look more sophisticated, intelligent and intellectual – all very good qualities to have. On top of that, they’re a built-in accessory to any outfit, so you automatically look more polished while wearing them. I’ve seen quite a few nice frames by Gucci, Moscot, D&G, YSL and Tom Ford – and you can’t go wrong with classic Ray Bans. Just please, don’t wear them if you don’t need them; non-prescription glasses turn even the most well-meaning man into a douche.

 5. A nice watch: as I’ve said before, a watch is a great piece to own. It shows you appreciate the finer things and that you put a little effort into your appearance without being ‘too much.’ Like glasses, a watch can be a great finishing piece to an outfit, whether casual or formal. I personally think an all-gold or all-silver watch is a smart purchase, as it will go with anything and everything you’re wearing. I actually really like this one, by Diesel. If you want more tips on buying a watch, read this post.

  • Mark

    I’d add two more things, maybe three: 1) leather soled shoes. You must have at least a black, brown or cordovan pair of laceup shoes and 2)a blue blazer … not being afraid to switch the buttons out as needed. A good italian fit would be great. as for shoes…I almost always look for a solid Johnston and Murphy shoe. rubber soled shoes are for sneakers.

  • Ry

    This reminds to go and get a watch

  • urbanist

    Where is the actual wardrobe from?? I want it!