If I Had One Wish …

by on July 24, 2012

there would be a video for ‘Christian Dior Denim Flow’ by G.O.O.D Music & various artists. With a lineup that includes Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Kid Cudi, Lloyd Banks, Pusha T and John Legend, I think the word ‘swag’ might have to be reinvented after such a visual. When you think about it, Ryan Leslie and John Legend would bring the classy outfits and sophistication to the table, while Kid Cudi would bring out the street wear side, then you would have Kanye doing his thing on a whole other level as usual and last but not least Pusha T and Blue Hefner would be the ambassadors for the upper echelon design threads while still keeping it STREET. In all, this video would be a great pleasure for fashion heads and maybe we should just protest for a video, although it’s already over a year that this song has been released. Better late than never?