Swag Talk: Essentials For A Woman’s Wardrobe

by on July 24, 2012

We’ll help you navigate the women’s fashion world with a few key pieces you need now.

1. Signature ring/necklace/bracelet – I’m a big fan of wearing one or two pieces of jewelry consistently, no matter what other accessory I may be pairing with my outfit. I wear the same thin gold bracelet and gold Louis Vuitton chain-link ring every day because they have special meaning to me. They’re understated, but I still get complimented on them constantly. Not only do they look nice on, they’re conversation pieces for anyone who asks me about them. I know a few other girls that wear a signature ring/piece of jewelry daily, and like me, they’ve become part of our ‘look.’

2. Nice purse – if you plan on investing money in one wardrobe item, I’d suggest you spend the big bucks on either a nice purse or a nice pair of heels that will transition you from day-to-night. For me, a woman’s shoes and her purse are the first two things that I look at – they’re usually the item that can make or break an outfit. As far as brands go, I suggest to get the best possible bag that’s in your price range – whatever that may be. Go for something that isn’t too overly-trendy (i.e, no fringe, embellishments, etc), instead opt for a bag in a nice size that will last you throughout the different seasons.


3. Flowing summer dress - this category was Kadeem’s suggestion, and I couldn’t agree more. Dresses are so feminine, so flirty (I hate that word but it fits so well), the perfect summer uniform. Dresses have the power of accentuating your best features while camouflaging those you aren’t so confident about. I’m a huge fan of the high-low (or ‘tail hem’) dresses that became hot this spring/summer season, as well as dresses with classy cutouts. I also love maxi dresses (probably not a favorite for the guy population), as they’re easy to wear and can add the illusion of height.

A few dresses I like from Nastygal.com

4. Blazers- I can’t stress enough the importance that blazers play in my wardrobe. I can guarantee that if you were to run into me on the street (especially during breezy weather), you’d see me in either a blazer or some sort of leather jacket. I’m absolutely obsessed with them – they polish off your look and instantly make you look more sophisticated. I have blazers in all different colors and textures (usually from Zara), and basically cannot live without them. When fitted properly and to the length of your choice (I like mine a little longer since I’m tall), they can be very chic and the perfect addition to an outfit. Whether you’re wearing a dress, pants, or shorts, a blazer is always appropriate.

5. Signature scent – ok, this isn’t exactly a wardrobe item, but it’s a must. A nice scent is vital to a good first impression, let alone a lasting one. A person’s perfume/cologne is one of their most memorable qualities for me – Kadeem agrees. My personal favorite is Chloé’s signature fragrance; it’s not overly sweet or strong and doesn’t smell like some dessert topping (gross) – two things I think you should stay away from! I’ve also worn several Dior fragrances in the past, which were also nice but weren’t as “me” as Chloé is. Take your time finding a fragrance that you like and suits you.

6. Heels - I don’t think much needs to be said in this category! However uncomfortable some of them may be, heels are undeniably sexy and a wardrobe-must, especially if you enjoy going out. As I said before, a woman’s shoes and her purse are among the first things I notice about her – make sure what’s on your feet are worth looking at! Stilettos are classic, while platform heels have recently made their way back into the forefront of women’s footwear (just make sure the ones you’re eyeing don’t look cheap, as this can happen easily with this style), and strappy heels are very feminine and great for summer months. Wedges are always a great daytime option, as they’re the most comfortable heels you could possibly wear. Again, as with purses, purchase the best possible heels within your budget…a ratchet shoe can turn a perfectly nice outfit into something not so nice.

Let it be known, however, that if you cannot walk in heels, don’t embarrass yourself hobbling down the street, unable to keep your ankles straight. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman who can’t walk in the shoes she’s wearing. You may need to add either an insert into your shoe to help stabilize your ankle, or opt for a chunkier/thicker heel for added support.

7. Perfectly fitting jeans – you’ve seen the woman with the muffin top cascading over her too-tight jeans. You’ve also seen the woman with the baggy backside constantly pulling her pants up. Neither are good looks. Make sure all of your denim – whether colored, coated, textured, skinny, legging, etc – fits properly. I try to wear J Brand or rag & bone jeans because they have the perfect amount of stretch in all the right places, as well as the best washes/colors and quality. I haven’t found that with other brands that I’ve tried – I tend to need a little bit more stretch in the *ahem* posterior region but a true fit in the rest of the jean – both brands fit me well as-is without needing to do any sort of alteration. Don’t try and squeeze yourself into the size that you’d like to think you are (I’m sure we’ve all tried this once or twice), and make sure to ask a salesperson if the jeans you’re about to purchase have a tendency to stretch or shrink; in that case, you may need to buy a size up or down. When you walk through that door, it’s how you look in the jeans, not the size on the tag.

  • N. Manns

    I couldn’t agree more with all of this! Gret job covering the basic essentials!

    • Mark

      Thrice ditto on the perfume…. Nothing makes a man remember a woman more than smelling her faint sent hours later on his sleeve or on hour pillow. Yup.