Is the Swag Right? Floral Shirts

by on July 25, 2012

Kadeem & I weigh in on the men’s floral shirt trend. Who do you agree with?

Kadeem says…

Not taking a trip to a tropical island? That’s okay. That shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a few floral shirts, as they can teleport you to Hawaii for the day. Not only are they very attractive and easy on the eye but they are very free fitting, ideal for the beach or any nice sunny day. I don’t think camo shorts mesh well with these, I see them being more compatible with a nice pair of khaki pants. There’s so much potential in this being a great trend, I think everyone should own a shirt of this sort.

Ashley says…

I’m not feeling the trend of floral shirts as much as Kadeem. They remind me of old, overly-tanned men that give creepy glances to girls at the beach – I feel like they shouldn’t be worn outside of a hotel room in Hawaii. I prefer short-sleeve button downs in more neutral colors, even patterned ones – just no floral print, please!

Floral print shirts by Mishka.

Who do you agree with? Sound off in the comments section.