The Evolution Of The Color Pink

by on July 26, 2012

Remember when men wouldn’t wear pink at all? That mentality has changed drastically today. I won’t entirely attribute this dynamic change to Cam’ron when he tried to make pink everyone’s new favorite color by showcasing a Pink Range Rover, a pink Mink, pink cell phone and many other items that were coated in the typically feminine color.  However he was clearly one of the leaders of the pink wave. Some men nowadays may a thing or two to say to you if you’re afraid to wear the color pink, or still have a flawed mentality about this color. It seems as if pink has now become  a way for a man to show just how ‘manly’ he is, or how uninterested he is with the opinions of the masses – but it definitely wasn’t like this before.

Before this revolution had even started, pink was seen as the forbidden color for men to wear. Some people saw it as a color that wasn’t masculine, a color that shouldn’t be worn by the male gender.  To me, all those people who saw it in that light were rather ignorant and insensible with insecurities. Me being the person I am, I was never and will never be afraid to wear any color that I desire to put on.

I feel like some people are just so wrapped up in meeting the standards of a community that they hold themselves back from being who they are – not only when it comes to fashion, but with so many other things. I feel like everyone should be fearless in what they wear if they like something and want it to be a part of their style. In my opinion, when I chose to wear pink garments – such as a button-down or a blazer – I feel like I actually look a cut above other people who choose to wear colors that aren’t really scrutinized by their peers and the public. Sound off!