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Is the Swag Right: Camo Short Overload

by on July 26, 2012

I’ve been dying to share my thoughts on the men’s camouflage trend.

I’m kind of tired of seeing so many guys wear camouflage – especially camo shorts – all the time, thinking it’s their ticket to a well-put-together outfit. Like Kadeem’s point about Supreme hats, I don’t think camo shorts suddenly give you or your outfit swag. The trend has been used and abused for some time now, making me wish every male – rappers included – would give the look a rest.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that I don’t like camo shorts; I think they’re versatile and go well with almost anything, but they’re getting played out since they’re everywhere. I’m just tired of guys thinking that (1) camo shorts give them swag and (2) they should wear them all the time! I am, however, a fan of camouflage accents and accessories – hats, backpacks, wallets, shirts, shoes – and I think those should be worn more often.

Drake, Weezy & Chris Brown in their camo shorts; some camo accessories from 10Deep, Stussy, K. Bell, and GoodWood.



  • laura mcdonnell

    I agree. I especially have an issue with this and man sandal combination. Can you blog about man sandals? Also known as “mandals”??? Id love to hear your two cents on this.