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Trend Watch: Bright, Unnatural Hair Colors

by on July 26, 2012

Gone are the days that shockingly-colored hair is reserved for the punk scene. From pastel pink, to purple, to aqua blue, I’ve seen a rainbow of colors atop all kinds of girls’ heads recently. I must say that when done right, I think this trend is quite cool. Just look at the image I’ve posted as the thumbnail! Is that not the coolest hair you’ve ever seen? This girl pulls it off so well, looking effortlessly cool despite the obviously complicated ‘do she has going on.

I’m a huge fan of this trend when it’s done right and on the right person. I recently saw a very fair-skinned girl with an all-over aqua color – by the looks of its messy unevenness, her hair was either dyed poorly or very washed out. The style would have looked really nice had the pigment been distributed more evenly, or had it been reapplied so the color could remain vibrant. I imagine that the blue-ish tone would have contrasted nicely with her fair skin – head back to the salon, wherever you are!

Lindsay Lohan & Lana Del Rey looking all kinds of colorful and gorgeous.

Although I think this trend is really cool, it’s not for everyone. It’s quite a bold look that will get heads turning – whether in a good or bad way – in the street, in the classroom and in the workplace. If you’re not one for having all eyes on you, I would pass this look up.

If you’re interested in trying this out, I’d start small, maybe trying the ombre color effect or just dying a small section of hair (which is what I did in high school, when I thought I was cool with my eggplant purple strand) – and don’t forget to choose a color/colors that will complement your skin tone.

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