The Evolution of Socks

by on July 27, 2012

Who would ever think that your socks would even play a role in your outfit but to many, your socks’ game being on point is just as important as your sneaker game. I have noticed that just about everyone wears either the black or the white Nike socks, whether they’re ankle socks or calf high socks. I mean socks have gone from being just one color, to becoming elite, cushioned , even anti-blister and so much more. To me it’s rather amazing to see this transformation of something as minute as a sock.

I realized just how significant socks can be after the release of the Galaxy socks this past February. These socks sold out almost as quickly as the Galaxy Foamposites did, and recently the Yeezy 2’s socks made big waves with their intriguing design. These socks were one of the most sought after ones of all time, mainly because of the hype surrounding the sneakers that inspired them. One unforgettable edition of socks that Nike did was the ‘Think Pink’collection, which to me was rather genius as it was for a great cause – the source of all of their attention.

I won’t lie, I make sure that I have on some nice pair of socks whenever my legs are showing, and I coordinate them with the rest of my outfit. I should finally stop being lazy and invest in some Nike Elite socks, as I heard they are some of the most comfortable socks that will ever go on your feet. Let me know what you think!