Video Appreciation: Odd Future

by on July 27, 2012

This video right here is just straight comical as we see the Odd Future gang rapping over a ferocious 50 Cent instrumental. Being clowns as usual, they’re just rapping for the hell of it, not making a lot of sense but delivering these off-the-top lyrics with so much emphasis and authority. We see all of them sporting what seem to be new t-shirts from their clothing line, OF. Tyler commands this video with a very intimidating and thug-like verse. I honestly believe this video was just meant to showcase their new stuff. This promotion is genius, as we get to see the new merchandise and also get several laughs from them being funny as usual. These kids clearly enjoy each other’s company and that’s something genuine. Mr. Channel Orange himself even makes a cameo appearance in the end! So stoked! Enjoy the video and appreciate their swag.