Is The Swag Right: Ripped Jeans

by on July 28, 2012

I’ve always been on the fence about ripped jeans. Are they trashy? Or cute? 

I’ve never really thought about ripped jeans until recently coming home to California, where a day doesn’t go by without seeing a bevy of girls in slashed jeans and small t-shirts. I always thought they were really casual looking and kind of grunge-y, reserved for days at the beach or something of that sort.

I bought a pair of light jeans not too long ago (my first not-black-or-dark-blue-wash jeans since middle school) that have a slight fray at one of the knees, and I’m tempted to – after significant wear as they are – rip them in other places to give them that ‘destroyed’ look, but wear them with a nice top and heels, maybe something like this:

My jeans would look slightly more distressed that those, though.What do you think of ripped jeans?