Why Do Celebrities Get Free Clothes?

by on July 29, 2012

Isn’t it ironic that the richest folks don’t have to open their pockets? Why are free clothes just thrown at celebrities when they can definitely pay for them? I mean I get some of the logic behind it – with them being in the public eye, there will be a lot of publicity and exposure for a brand but come on, these people make millions to do what with it? Just sit on all their money, while the public has to pay for the stuff that they get free? I never truly grasped the reasoning behind this but I feel as if more regular people should be getting sponsored, and when I say this I mean people in their cities that are recognized but not as significant on a national level. It should be like a token of appreciation that your favorite brand actually recognizes your love for their brand and rewards you with a free shipment of goods, here and there. I say this honestly because I think it would do more good if they would sponsor people like this because it shows that they are willing to actually give to the masses and not just the “one-percenters” of society. Last but not least, what gets to me sometimes is that some celebrities wouldn’t even know about a brand if it wasn’t thrown at them, while there are kids like me who have been rocking a brand like 10Deep for more than four years now… but I guess this is only my opinion. Sound off.