Is the Swag Right: 2 Chainz ‘No Lie (ft. Drake)’ Music Video

by on July 29, 2012

Considering “No Lie”‘s Director X was also responsible for the epic “Hell Yeah F*cking Right” video, I was disappointed in the final product of one this summer’s hottest anthems.Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a fan of both 2 Chainz and Drake. But for some reason, we don’t seem to get spoiled with amazing music videos coming from either of these two rappers – they end up being boring or just not well done. To me, “No Lie” looked pretty low budget (that fancy-looking black frame? I have that hanging in my room, it’s from IKEA), and rushed.

The outfits themselves were ok, some being better than others. 2 Chainz looked kind of silly in that zebra scarf and Kanye-esque leather hooded vest, and I can’t say I enjoyed the sailor hat with his dreads poking out. His tie-dye look in the end with the un-snapped snapback was his best in my opinion, as it looked good with the black & white camera effect. I must say though, his jewels were on point throughout the video.

Drake decided to give us all tickets to his [growing] gun show, in a white bro tank, camo pants, and vintage glasses. His outfits were on the simple side – not too many complaints here. However, I’m still waiting for the day that he cuts his hair.

One of my biggest complaints lies with the video girls. Simply put, they could have looked way better – can that American Apparel black sheer-V bodysuit please be retired already? A cheap lacy bustier with a heart necklace? One-shouldered white dress with tulle? Simply put, what was the stylist thinking?!

And what was with that one girl writhing on the ground? Could that other one in the big hoop earrings please close her mouth while posing/chewing gum? Ugh.