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Sneaker Talk: My Top 5 Nike Lebron 9 Colorways

by on July 29, 2012

So before I get into this list, let’s just get this straight: it was very, very, very hard to choose even the best color ways of this collection. So many vivid and intriguing color ways were thrown onto this sneaker and just about every one of them was a success. Now it’s time to look at the best and dissect them somewhat. This list is in no order , so don’t get worked up with the rankings since I didn’t even try to categorize them – I just simply picked which ones I thought were the best. My top 5 consists of:

All hail King James & his Nike Lebron 9’s.

  • The Miami Night’s – Now some people have argued that last year’s version of the Lebron 8’s were better in this color way, but I actually like these better because they weren’t as loud as the previous pair; the colors just seemed to blend perfectly together.
  • The All Star Edition a.k.a. The Big Bang’s – Out of all the color schemes that were released this year, this may have been the brightest of the bunch. Not only did the shoe consist of a scorching orange and a strong red but they even decided to add an icy clear sole which made the sneaker turn heads even more.
  • The Bright Mango’s – I consider these my sleeper pair in the collection. I was rather displeased with myself when I passed up on these and even more regretful when my brother got his hands on a pair. These sneakers are very slick, with a perfect blend of black and silver that’s topped off with the elegant bright mango color featured on the sole, accents and inside of the shoe.
  • The China’s – I only recently started to appreciate this color way, and I’m an idiot for not initially seeing what I see now. The look of ¬†blue fire with orange flames was really brought to life in this sneaker. At certain viewpoints, you can even see the sneaker somewhat looking like a Dragon but that’s just me being dramatic.
  • The South Beach’s – Now by default I don’t even think this should be in the top five because it doesn’t fully qualify, as this story is about the top five Lebron 9’s and this sneaker is in the Elite series – but rules are meant to be broken. I mean what can be said about these shoes that hasn’t been said already? In my opinion these are better than the South Beach 8’s.With the grey dominating the sneaker, the mint green sneaking in, the pink flash proves to be the secret weapon. This shoe surely deserves the crown.

My honorable mentions: Summit Lake Hornets’, Christmas Day’s, & Swingman’s.

What are your top five Lebron 9 color ways?

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