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Swag Talk: Diggy Simmons

by on July 30, 2012

Never in a million years would I have seen little Diggy from Run’s House becoming a rapper but he astonishingly did. However ever since his arrival on the music scene, I saw a very fatal feature in his developing; he was becoming cocky.

Now I get it, at that age being in the spotlight can really play tricks on your mind and make you think that you’re on top of the world when you partially are, but you shouldn’t succumb to such a trait especially at such a tender age. With Diggy you can see just how cocky he is in every aspect, the way how he talks, the way how he walks and for sure in his raps. In my opinion I don’t like it, I like when rappers take the humble and modest route and what even irks me a little bit more about him is that some rappers who are about of the upper echelon don’t even act like him or think to do so. Diggy has a bright future in the rap game because for his age he can most definitely spit but some things need to change. I try listening to him but I can just hear that he’s trying way too hard to sound and I really don’t like that for him. We all get it you’re a really handsome young guy and the girls go crazy for you and everything but you shouldn’t push the bar with that, just enjoy it and take it how it is but don’t embrace the cocky feature. Look at Kanye, although we all love Kanye we all know that he is one of the cockiest people in the industry and it doesn’t sit well with a lot of people in America. Too many people say they love Kanye’s music but they don’t like him as a person. Don’t put yourself in those shoes also; no disrespect to Kanye. This kid has immense talent and he can surely be one of the heavy hitters if he does what’s essential to put himself in that position. Just take a look of the video under and see if you can spot what I am saying. Sound off.

  • Dj Blackout

    I agree with your response on diggy being cocky. I think he is that way cause of his family’s last name which is a bad start in the game. But i do like his music somewhat lol. #IlikeSwagResponse.