Sneaker Talk: Nike Flyknit Trainer

by on July 31, 2012

One of the best innovations in the sneaker world that Nike is responsible for is finally available for purchase. The creation of  The Flyknit Trainer is rather refreshing, simple but yet so eye-popping. With a ridiculously low weight, there aren’t match up to how how light the shoe is. But this isn’t the only grand feature of the sneaker as the the Flyknit technology helps the sneaker attain a perfect fit for your feet. One thing I was a little skeptical about initially was the support of the sneaker as it seemed somewhat stiff and hard to walk on after a few hours,but after trying it on and experimenting with it, I was proven wrong. The cushioning and support is spectacular and it compliments the comfortability of the sneaker’s upper. With so many colors to choose from, you must get your hands on a pair, and soon at that. These sneakers are expected to fly off the shelves – no pun intended. But seriously look into them, learn more about them, go into a store and try them on first hand to see if you like them. I really believe these sneakers are going to be a big hit not only for athletes but for the everyday person too, as they are such a great looking sneaker. Sound off and let me know what you’re thinking.