Swag Talk : Twin Swag

by on July 31, 2012

This is one topic that came about a few days ago and we knew we would have to tackle it. Now when we speak about twins, we are referring to identical children, young adults and etc. Over the years we have noticed that the whole standard behind twins are that mainly they are supposed to dress alike. I get it, it’s rather adorable and cute to have twins look the same and wear the same clothes at a young age but after a while are they supposed to stray over from that? I think so and I’ll tell you just why I believe that. Just because they look exactly the same, doesn’t mean that they will be the exact same person. With that being said, they won’t probably have the same likes, the same height, the same weight, the same shoe size and so many more. I think as they start to grow older they will not only find their own style and fashion sense but also who they are as a person. I honestly don’t think that twins should dress alike once they’re in their teenager years because for one it’s hard enough to tell the difference between these two individuals and it’ll just make it worst if everything that we see on them is the same. I like when twins seem to have two totally different styles because majority of the time, they tend to stabilize each other’s fashion style.