Sneaker Talk: Nike Lebron 9 ” Wounded Warrior Project”

by on August 1, 2012

When I first saw this sneaker, so many things came to my mind such as fighter jet, torpedo, and so many others but one thing for sure is that this custom is epic. Mache has done it again, creating one of the most graphic customs of the Lebron 9 Series and the design surely blew me away. The Cool Grey Lebron 9 was the perfect sneaker for him to modify into this custom. With the Cool Grey’s being one of my personal favorites as it is, this custom has surely done it for me. I honestly believe that Mache has incredible talent when it comes to innovation. Nike should give him a call and talk business with him, I see so much potential in them putting someone like him on board with the design team over at Nike. Mache really made this concept come alive in the sneaker, as at your first glance the sneaker immediately jumps out at you. Sound off.