Swag Talk: Please Stop Wearing These, Ladies.

by on August 4, 2012

The guys aren’t the only guilty ones with fashion faux pas! Here’s a brief rundown on some of the things I can’t stand to see on a woman.

1. Leggings as pants: Now although I’m specifically referring to basic black leggings that you can buy pretty much anywhere, this rule applies to some other variations, as well. Let me be the 1,000th person to tell you that leggings worn as pants are nothing short of unflattering from both the front and the back. They are often more sheer than you expect them to be when viewed from behind – all your business is out and about for the whole world to see; God forbid you have to bend over or go somewhere well-lit. From the front, they tend to *ahem* accentuate your lady parts in a very not-safe-for-public way. If you must wear them, please wear something up top that covers your rear end and frontal region – they’re a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.


2. Uggs: In 2012, these just scream laziness and ratchet to me. Often dirty, furry, tucked down and in unnatural colors, Uggs are many a man’s worst nightmare, let alone one of mine. They make your feet look unnaturally large and wide, and are suitable for only extreme weather conditions. Those girls that wear Uggs in the summertime? With shorts? I can’t even bring myself to comment. They are in no way cute or stylish.

3. Knockoff Designer Handbags: I hate to see women carrying fake designer handbags; they make even the most well-meaning woman look not as sophisticated as she could. If you can’t afford a designer bag (nothing wrong with that) – don’t buy the obviously fake version! There are plenty of cute bags you can get that aren’t trying to be something they’re not. Beware that retailers like Louis Vuitton are allowed to confiscate any knockoff LV bag and potentially question you about it if you’re seen carrying one in their store – this is so they can crack down on the retailers who sell these scam products.


What do you think of my list? Do you agree with any of them? What else would you add?