Video Appreciation: Chief Keef’s Miami Takeover.

by on August 5, 2012

Now if you don’t know by now but I’m a big fan of Keef and the GBE crew so a video such as this is pure enjoyment. Keef takes a trip out to Miami for business reasons as he was booked to perform at Club Cameo but it didn’t stop him from partaking in extracurricular activities. Before tearing down the club, Keef went on to go joyriding around in a “foreign” as he would say and making sure to do some luxurious spending at a few designer stores. The best part of this video for me  was in the end, when he played a never before heard track for the public. The track seems to be generic but it will get the job done for his fans and it will increase the anticipation of his forthcoming mixtape “Finally Rich”. I must point out though that although Keef and his OTF family are enjoying this new fond fame and the money that has come with it, it seems as if they might just be spending all this money foolishly. At his age it’s easy to blow your money on the things you want because you don’t realize all the more significant things that the money can go towards but I hope there is someone in his camp who is making sure that Keef saves. We don’t want him ending up broke and then back to the streets where there’s nothing good for him there.