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What’s Up With Soulja Boy?

by on August 6, 2012

I don’t know where to start with this young man. Soulja Boy has clearly transformed greatly since his arrival to the spotlight and me for one, I don’t really like it. This video will be used an example to point out a few things that I don’t like about this new Soulja Boy.

With the name of the song being “Fast Car,” I could already tell I wasn’t in for anything filled with substance or lyrical excellence and honestly I didn’t really have a problem with that. However when I clicked on the video, I didn’t expect to see and hear exactly that from Soulja Boy. First off it was a Young Chop produced beat, and in addition to that Soulja ran with Chief Keef’s flow, style and ad-libs on this song. I was deeply disappointed by this, for it seems as if he just waits around for the next hot thing in hip hop, and then blatantly copies their entire swag.

His terrible lyrics make it clear that he doesn’t even try to rap. Also a glamorous car, a ferocious trap beat and belligerent lyrics don’t make for a great video.

His jeans being at knee height, is terribly disgusting.

And last but not least what is really up with the Gucci logo tattoo on his face, I mean come on.

With so many people already praying for his downfall, I want to see this kid do better. Just a couple years ago, I was a big fan of “Mr. Swag Daddy” up until he just started to change. I still have some belief inside of me somewhere that he can turn the tides one day and actually tap back into it. My suggestion to Soulja is that he must start surrounding himself with some more knowledgeable people in the industry and look for a role model. His swag is fading quickly because of all of this, and he needs to quit being a boy – it’s time to be a man. This is coming from a long lost fan of him.

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    Thanks 4 da advice brah