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Swag Talk: Please Stop Wearing These, Fellas.

by on August 7, 2012

Sometimes, you guys really frustrate me with your wardrobe choices. Here’s my personal opinion on three things I think you should maybe move to the back – our out – of your closet.

1. Hollister: Brands that take off like wildfire end up annoying me in one way or another. I hate seeing people wearing the same thing as everyone else, plastered with the same label across their chests or down their pant legs. The overly distressed jeans, Hollister Co. label tees, the sweat suits – pretty much everything the brand sells bothers me. The funny thing about Hollister – supposedly a representation of California style – is the fact that I see it worn more outside of CA than here at home. To me it’s overrated and has saturated the fashion market, despite the fact that so many other brands sell clothes of far better quality and design.

2. True Religion: I absolutely cannot stand True Religion jeans – despite the fact that they’ve been out literally forever, rappers and the general population seem to be just now taking notice of them. I feel like they’re overpriced, way over-hyped, and on the douchey side. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem shelling out a pretty penny for something that I’m interested in buying. I’m just not going to encourage someone to drop $300 on jeans that don’t look as good as they cost. Also, I like clean-cut looking jeans, so naturally the messy stitching of True’s and their in-your-face pocket design don’t really appeal to me.

3. Baggy Jeans/Too-Skinny Jeans:  This should be obvious at this point, but some of you guys still haven’t gotten the memo – you need to pull your pants up right about now! It’s not cute to look like your pants are about to drop to the floor. It’s equally unattractive to see a guy wearing jeans tighter than my own – fellas, find some nice fitting jeans that you sag ever-so-slightly and you’ll be on the path to success.

What do you think? Do you guys agree with me or am I totally off?

  • Mark

    While i agree with the writer that nothing is more iratating than a line taking off and every one wearing it, Idisagree that you need to dismember it from your closet and personal wardrobe line. I tend to look for pieces that arent the norm or items to match with something totally against the grain. For instance: like the writes tired of Hollister, i am tired of Abercrombie and Fitch. However i found a nice solid blue shirt with simply fitch across the front. What i do to make it different, i match the shirt with a pair of seersucker shorts and blue on white addidas rod lavers. The comes off preppy verus hood or cali tired. True Religion … I never could get past the enormous pockets in the back. Baggy jeans…too skinny jeans. Not going to even approach that nonsense with a response except to say, if your hat is fitted, why cant you jeans simply fit. Well.