Swag Talk: The Death Of Bathing Ape

by on August 8, 2012

What exactly happened with A Bathing Ape? Just a few years ago it was easily one of the biggest brands in New York and many other states that are big on the streetwear fashion tip. Seriously though, remember when people would be Bape’d from head to toe? I’m talking about Bape shoes, Bape tshirt, Bape pouch, just about everything that they could find that was Bape they would wear it.Unfortunately though, A Bathing Ape isn’t what it used to be. So much has changed about the brand from the vibrant and clever designs of the sneakers to the livelihood of the flagship store in SoHo. I attribute this to the decline in the brand’s popularity; I would say the other reason is that people just got tired of paying ridiculous prices for these garments when there are better brands out there now.

I don’t think anyone would be able to resurrect this brand at this point – not even Kanye himself, who a couple years back was one of the main reasons why the brand blew up. He was seen wearing Bape on numerous occasions, from music videos to award shows. I would suggest that Bape go back to the drawing board, stick to their strengths which are their signature camo designs and then do more collaborations with artists and different brands. Also bring Nigo back! The brand has been a slowly sinking ship ever since he left.  Let me know what you think.