Trend Watch: Bandanas

by on August 8, 2012

Tupac’s favorite accessory – the bandana – is making a huge comeback in women’s fashion. Some of the hottest females in the game have already adopted the trend, adding their own feminine touch to the thug life.Who knew Tupac would be a pioneer in the women’s fashion game! His famous tied bandana has made its way to the coifs of Rihanna, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, and even Miley Cyrus. It’s technically not a headband, not a turban, not really a headscarf – it’s a combination of all of them, with a gangster twist.

I’m so surprised that the trend looks so feminine and sweet. You can achieve the same look with any thin scarf, but using an actual bandana gives it extra street swag. It adds a nice twist to an updo, and doesn’t look half bad with loose hair, either. I definitely want to give this trend a try.

What do you think of bandanas?