If I Had One Wish…

by on August 9, 2012

Pharrell would make a return to the forefront of fashion. Remember back in 2005 when Pharrell was at the top of the men’s fashion charts? When he was the Best Dressed Man in the World according to Esquire? Where is that Pharrell?! It seems as if he’s been hiding behind the scenes more often than I’d like him to be.

Dont get me wrong, he’s done some really great things as far as Billionaire Boys Club is concerned. Being one of the most recognizable, sought after, and successful celebrity-founded fashion lines, BBC has achieved heights and demand that I don’t think even Pharrell himself could foresee. He’s in the process of launching Billionaire Girls Club, and has already created the successful BBC-offshoot, Ice Cream. I just wish he would take the next step though, to be honest. To follow in Kanye’s shoes a little bit.

The many fashion faces of Pharrell.

What I mean by Kanye’s shoes is simple – I’d love to see a Pharrell x Big-Name-in-Sneakers collaboration. A Pharrell for Chanel line. I’d love to see his own Pharrell Williams Collection on the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks. I’d love to see ANYTHING new, basically, from Pharrell in the fashion frontier. Something that shows the world that they shouldn’t sleep on him.

He’s been sticking to his music roots lately, aiding in production and image-building of several rising stars he’s placed under his wing. He produced several beats on Usher’s latest album, as well as “Presidential” – one of my favorites off of Rick Ross’ “God Forgives, I Don’t.” Maybe I’m asking too much of him since it does seem like he has his hands full with other projects, but wouldn’t you like to see the reemergence of Skateboard P in the fashion game?