Two Sneakers That Should Never Be Released

by on August 9, 2012

With so many successful sneaker releases this year so far, there are so many rumors going around pairs that haven’t been released yet and I just want to give my opinion on a few that I believe should never see the light of the day. You ask why? Well for one these sneakers have already created a high buzz when their initial photos surfaced and also I think that if they were to be released they would assist in taking away from the sneaker game even more. Another reason why is that with such hype around these sneakers already, a release would cause mass pandemonium for every sneakerhead out there.

Exhibit A: Nike Lebron 9 Low Lebronold Palmer. As much as I would love for these to release, it would just be another opportunity for the resellers and hypebeasts to camp out to get their hands on such a beautiful sneaker for the wrong reasons. I would hate to see just a bunch of pairs just floating around sites such as ebay.com, solecollector.com and seen on the shelves in a Flight Club store.

Exhbit B: Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Kobe Bryant”. Only one pair made and specifically for the Black Mamba himself, this shoe is nothing short of a masterpiece. Knowing Kobe’s connection and friendship with Kanye himself, it wasn’t a surprise to see this creation. This is surely the best color way of the Yeezy 2’s but we will need it to be only for Mr. Bryant himself. Releasing this shoe would take away from the essence of the shoe and also its legacy.