Terry Richardson

by on August 10, 2012

After recently meeting Terry Richardson, it came to my mind that I should pay homage to the man of many hours. Terry has been perfecting what he does for a while now – he has been behind the camera on many famous photos of Lil Wayne, Christian Bale, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West and even the President himself, Barack Obama.

His photos are enjoyable and happy. I love that you can see he & the subject having fun and not being all stiff and concerned of how the picture comes out. This concept thrives because it shows people in their natural form. He pushes the bar when it comes to photos and has been greatly successful.

Terry is someone who seems like they are trying to live life to the fullest – you can feel that in his photos. A genius, he surely is, Terry gives all freedom to the people that he’s shooting. Just take a look at the Kanye West x Amber Rose picture, and also the most recent Odd Future photoshoot.

He gets our salute and support here at ILS, and we definitely hope that one day we’ll be in the position for him to photograph us. Until then, enjoy Mr. Richardson and his masterpieces.