The Emergence Of Bucket Hats

by on August 12, 2012

I didn’t realize just how popular they were becoming – I didn’t even notice that I had fallen in love with them until my third bucket hat purchase.

Initially, I bought them for my Hawaii trip to protect me from the sunlight and from getting any darker, but after a while they became an everyday wear and I embraced them. In my opinion, they suit my style well and does protect me from the sun, as I haven’t got any darker thus far. I have noticed that many celebs/rappers have been wearing them a lot recently.

One person I must shout out for truly putting them back on the map is Schoolboy Q, who is always seen with one on his head. I see bucket hats as having immense potential to be the next big trend, but I’m not in it for the popularity. I truly love them and I’ll keep on wearing them. I see in the near future that many brands will make bucket hats a new addition to their repertoire to capitalize on the growing popularity of these hats.