Swag Talk: Broaden Your Horizons

by on August 13, 2012

What I’m trying to say is you should get out and discover new clothes, try on sneakers you thought you would never wear, and you will be surprised by this experiment. Too many people are stuck in their shell when it comes to fashion and it shouldn’t be that way as there’s so much more out there. Of course you won’t like everything but you’d fall in love with many new things also. I get it, it’s similar to you being comfortable in your neighborhood that when you go to a new one that you’re not familiar with, you tend to be cautious and maybe intimidated.. That’s okay and all but you must try to figure out if you like it.

I used to be this to a great extent but many experiences have loosened me up and I have expanded my horizon.It’s nothing like discovering something new and loving it. So get out there, take a walk into a store that you would normally bypass and see what they have to offer. Sound off!