Swag Talk: Ciaté Nails

by on August 14, 2012

Probably the most forward-thinking and unique brand in the nail polish biz is U.K brand Ciaté, who’s responsible for both the caviar and velvet nail trends.

Probably like most other people, I discovered Ciaté at the nail polish section of Sephora. I was blown away by their take on nail art, offering such creative styling that I would have never though of on my own. Their Caviar Nails manicure set ($25/each) has been a huge success since it hit shelves – the concept takes nail designing to the next level, having tiny beads sit atop the nail. The multicolored/pink version reminds me of sprinkles, and I’m in love with the black and white versions.

Ciaté’s Caviar Nails.

Ciaté’s latest foray into the creative nail business is the Velvet Manicure, also being sold at Sephora ($19/each). So far they have three colors – a rich burgundy, a pale grey, and a deep blue. Rita Ora is already a fan of this velvet nail trend, and after seeing it done in person, I have to say that I love it too. The finish is really soft and delicate, and the colors are gorgeous.


Ciate’s Velvet Nails; Rita Ora’s velvet manicure.

Ciaté has an array of regular nail polish colors as well, priced at $15/each – about the cost of a decent manicure. I haven’t seen their regular polishes in stores, maybe I missed them while in shock over the Caviar & Velvet Nails, but they’re definitely available at Sephora’s online site. I’m really impressed by this brand’s innovative nail techniques, and the fact that you can achieve such an intricate manicure at home without having to go to the nail salon.

What do you think of these nails? Let me know in the comments section!