Video Appreciation: Lil Wayne & Big Sean My Homies Still

by on August 14, 2012

This video came not too long after some controversy between hip hop heavyweight groups G.O.O.D Music & YMCMB. The video to me ended all of the rumors of some type of tension or dispute between these groups and we see YMCMB’s head honcho Wayne recruit Big Sean for a very energetic song. I wasn’t a fan of the song up until I saw the video, and I just fell in love with it. Big Sean brings his regular bouncy antics to the video and adds a youthful vibe to the song and the video while Weezy is himself as usual. The video entails an abandoned suburb where they roam around having fun and bump into some very unusual beings from a pink elephant to a man’s head on a dog’s body. The video itself is crazy and a little bit out of the norm and I liked that. Sound off.