Is the Swag Right: Jumpsuits

by on August 17, 2012

Even though I don’t own one, I’m kind of in love with jumpsuits – they have a very retro-chic vibe, and I think they’re the more sophisticated version of a romper.

Jumpsuits seem to be pretty flattering for most body types – they give you the ability to belt them without creating a huge puff underneath the cinched waist, create the illusion of a lengthy leg, and work well for taller women (finally, something other than a maxi dress that we can call our own). In my opinion, they’re the pretty big-sister version of the romper. I like these two from Nasty Gal –

In Bloom Jumpsuit ($128) and Mad Mesh Jumpsuit ($78)

I love the colors in the floral one. What do you think of jumpsuits?