Michael Phelps x Louis Vuitton

by on August 17, 2012

So I guess Louis Vuitton won the race for who would be the first to take advantage of Michael Phelps’ historical Olympic performance by recruiting him for an ad campaign. It’s very fitting as he is seen in a bath tub with his swimming gear on, relaxing after winning another medal. The Louis Vuitton bag which has a pair of jeans in it throws me off though as it notions that he had his speedo directly on under these jeans. I mean isn’t that weird, who walks around wearing a speedo under jeans, like come on. Not even the greatest swimmer should do that in my opinion however the ad is genius as it capitalizes on Phelps’ success and will surely boost Louis Vuitton’s profits. Both camps are winning in this situation. Phelps should take some time off from the water though before he becomes a merman.