The Gold Medal Goes To …

by on August 17, 2012

There’s no denying that the USA Men’s Basketball Team deserved that gold-medal win. But who do you believe is the best dressed on Team USA? Let’s see if we can break this down a bit and try to pinpoint USA’s finest when it comes to fashion and style.

  • Anthony Davis – No. 1 draft pick this last draft and a budding talent. He barely made the team but he has held his own so far. Recently signing to Nike, he was just giving the key to the closet of unlimited sneakers, including some of the rarest. Although he’s a huge Jordan fan, he’s not that much of a dresser – but he’s young and he should get there in time. We just need to see that unibrow gone. 
  • James Harden – Although he stays under the radar, from the pictures that I have seen of him, it’s safe to say that the bearded one is holding his own in the fashion department. He has a very laid-back, California cool style, and is known for his signature bow-tie when dressed up.
  • Kobe Bryant – The old man used to be a very flashy individual but with experience and time, he has simmered down. You can’t expect much from Kobe in this category (compared to some of the guys that really go hard with it), but you can’t knock Kobe for much. I mean he has his own sneaker for crying out loud. Ashley would like to add that he looks very good in a suit.
  • Deron Williams – I have never seen him dressed to impress really and I even tried Googling him to see if I can stumble upon something interesting but nothing. His case is closed for now.
  • Kevin Love – Classy. Simple. See Deron Williams.
  • Andre Iguodala – Here we have one classy young fella. You can always find him in a stylish button-down or a blazer stepping out, and I have even seen him a few times wearing YSL. This young man surely gets props.
  • Tyson Chandler – One of the more versatile guys in the bunch, Tyson gets it done on and off the court. He knows just how to mix up his style, from being classy to toning it down a bit, he gets the job done. He is a man who takes pride in making himself look good.

  • Chris Paul- A very calm and well mannered fellow, and his style fits just right. Whenever he feels like being lazy he wears sweats and athletic gear, but he keeps it rather proper with suits and button-downs on other occasions.

  • Kevin Durant – He’s like a young sneaker head who’s been trying new things with his style – I believe this is partially because of his running mate, Russell Westbrook. This change is not all bad, but I feel like it might not be his style. His sneaker line with Nike is one of the better ones and is looking to make great strides with the KD V on the horizon.

  • Russell Westbrook – One of the flashier players in the bunch. A lot of people have criticized his absurd outfits and his outlandish glasses, but he has some fashion sense. I think he can do a lot better though because at some moments, I feel as if he goes too far to be different and to stand out; but he’s young and will find his way soon enough.
  • Carmelo Anthony – Melo’s come a long way in the style department. Since becoming a Knick, we’ve seen his style move up in the ranks, looking pretty dapper in nice button-downs, sweaters, bow-ties and some eye-catching glasses & sunglasses off the court. We look forward to see Melo’s style continue to grow.

  • Lebron James- The best player on the team, and also the best dresser in my opinion. After a splendid year, Lebron is basking in all of his glory and with the release of the Lebron X coming soon, his reign isn’t going anywhere. Lebron has been seen wearing everything from Yeezy 2’s to custom made Nike’s. He is a man who can dress for any occasion, showing that he is versatile on and off the court at all times. I salute this guy for everything.